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DBDriven is an information technology service provider with a team of project managers, network architects, business analyst and developers dedicated to designing database applications for small and large businesses, state agencies and non-profit organizations. Our team has been instrumental in creating the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS) and the Nevada P-20 To Workforce Research Data System (NPWR).

In addition to application development and maintenance, we provide report design and development, database management, website design and development, implementation, hosting and maintenance, along with network engineering, offsite data backup and general Information Technology consultation.


Our Philosophy

Joining the Needs of Stakeholders

All stakeholders have objectives for data they share with an SLDS system. Governing agencies want to know their data is used securely and accurately. Policymakers want factual policies based on easily accessible data to support their vision for their constituents. Educators and researchers want to know where they can make tangible differences in their state education and work programs. The public wants to know their Policymakers value educational growth and workforce development. An SLDS business philosophy means pulling the needs of the many to create a solution for the present and the future.

Making Data Secure

DBDriven’s Data Security philosophy is in the name. We are a data driven company with data driven systems that would not function without the proper security controls around the data we manage. Our applications and SLDS services:

  • Allow clients to securely maintain control of their data.

  • De-identifies all data for public and private reporting.

  • Use data within the mechanism of our applications for business objectives.

  • Create data strategies while protecting personal data.

Creating New Opportunities

DBDriven develops our data solutions with ambitions to continue new feature development. We create continuing business relationships, not simply solutions.


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