Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)


DBDriven is proud to have been a key participant in the design, development and implementation of two P-20W (preschool through workforce) Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems, the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS) and the Nevada P-20 to Workforce Research Data System (NPWR).  

Why DBDriven's P-20W?

In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Virginia, DBDriven's staff developed a business solution designed by the business owners.  Our P-20W solution provides secure data management across organizational lines. It is the only system in the nation that incorporates:

  • Built-in governance process that gives state agencies complete control over research requests from start to finish,
  • Best-in-class security protocols that ensures maximum privacy,
  • Dedicated, secure researcher portal that provides data requests development, document and team member management and the downloading of data results,
  • State-of-the-art probabilistic matching system that cleanses and analyzes data to improve match rates between agencies,
  • Dynamic reporting functionality for public-facing or internal agency reports,
  • Rapid implementation in under 12 months,
  • Cost-savings through shared resources, technology and enhancements,
  • Accelerated onboarding for new partner agencies.

Most importantly, the DBDriven P-20 to Workforce solution is a proven, cost effective technology in use by Virginia and Nevada to achieve data driven solutions.  We don't just build it and walk away.  Our life-cycle support philosophy ensures you receive ongoing operations and maintenance support, to include routine patches, system enhancements and bug fixes for the lifetime of the application.  


How it Works

Target Graphic

Public Portal: Provides citizens with government transparency and insight through data visualizations without allowing public access to your P-20W solution.

Researcher Portal: Allows authorized users to manage team members and documents, submit required information, build contracts and submit request for and download data results.

Reporting Portal: Provides authorized users access to unsuppressed reports.

Security: Protects P-20W components and data from unauthorized access.

Data Request Tool: Used by researchers to build ad-hoc data requests via the Researcher Portal.

Workflow: Used by data owners to manage the data request process. Supports your governance process with automated notifications, document management and electronic signatures.

Data Manager: Manages metadata and monitors data connection health.

Agency data: Maintained and secured by individual agencies.

Data Dictionary: Used by researchers to identify and understand agency data.

Data Hub: Manages data requests, de-identifies data and stores results.

Key Features

Efficient Workflow

Saves all documentation within the system. Contracts, results, and other documents are generated and preserved within the DBDriven P-20W solution, making them easy to access while simultaneously reducing paperwork.

Simplifies research and approval processes. Agency employees no longer have to generate data queries. All they have to do is review and approve - or reject - research requests in an easy-to-use dashboard. Agencies always control access to their data.

Fully auditable. All researcher and agency actions within the system are fully auditable. Organizations can see every person accessing the system and every action performed.

Smart Automation

Includes established governance processes. There are no shortcuts and no back doors. Access to data can only be granted by following the defined governance process.

Automated reporting updates. Dynamic reporting functionality updates and publishes reports to the public-facing portal, once they are approved by the data owners.

Leverages collaboration. As organizations discover ways to improve the DBDriven P-20W solution, those changes can be implemented by other participating organizations at minimal cost.

Proven Security

Allows each organization to retain control of its data. All data is stored, managed, and maintained by the owning agency and resides behind agency firewalls. SSL encryption is used any time data is in transit.

De-identifies all data. Unlike a data warehouse model, which stores personally identifiable information, our hybrid federated database architecture de-identifies all data. Unique identifiers are used for individual records and no personally identifiable information ever remains in the system.

Protects personal privacy. The DBDriven P-20W meets or exceeds all requirements of FERPA and the Virginia Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act.